Hitchhiking is a great way to explore the world on a budget and one of the best things about it is the people that you meet along the way… sometimes.

Other times, the people you meet along the way can be the worst thing about hitchhiking, and when this proves true, things tend to get awkward, uncomfortable or eerily tense in no time at all.

And it’s not always the hitcher who gets the sharp end of the stick either – there’s some weird tales our there from times when good-willed drivers have ended up in precarious scenarios after stopping for a guy or gal.

Here are some tales from across the wanderlust community about their time on the road. Don’t let them put you off stopping next time you pass someone with their thumb out!

  1. The Marijuana Guys

“I once got a lift from these guys in the States who I realised were absolutely baked as soon as I got in the car. Not that I’m particularly against weed or anything but these guys had effectively hot-boxed their car. I have no idea how I didn’t realise before I got in.

“It turned out to be a pretty hilarious ride… if sketchy. He would drive diagonally across the road back and forth without realising and weirdly kept talking about Ernest Hemingway. I was only with those guys for about an hour or two but I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon. Pretty sure I was high by the end of the journey!”

– Jamie, London