If you want the world to know how you feel about something in 2016, say it with a meme. Memes are the go to response for virtually anything that happens, or has happened, or could potentially happen. They’re a language within a language, within a language. Riddles wrapped in mysteries, wrapped in enigmas, wrapped in a photo of that kid clenching his fist in celebration; all spread across the internet like a virus.

Memes are the internet’s weapon of choice. Jokes riffing on other jokes, sarcastic comments on the big issues of the day, general silliness and yes…a way to shoehorn a picture of that kid clenching his fist in celebration into any subject matter you can think of.

Whether you’re passionate about travel, or just like to mock the people who claim to be travellers even though their last two holidays were to Magaluf and Ayia Napa respectively, we reckon you’ll definitely enjoy this collection of memes we’ve compiled below.