In 2005 though, two Englishmen, 25 and 28-years-old respectively, did exactly that. Coming to the end of academic life and a dead-end job, cousins Ben Wylson and Jamie Mackenzie dreamt up a plan, wild, implausible, to become the first two people on Earth to cycle on every continent without using an aeroplane.

Three years later they would return, having battled cars in Moscow, death in Thailand and meningitis in South America, having spent months travelling oceans on isolated container ships, been ferried by a Colombian drug smuggler, cycled amongst the penguins of Antarctica and having completed a journey that most deemed impossible, all without leaving the ground.

Very few people are able to get up, go and truly escape from the rat race. Ben Wylson and Jamie Mackenzie are two of those few.

Dreaming Up Lunacy

“We were dreaming of the freedom of not having anyone to answer to,” Ben tells us, now 34-years-old. “There’s a short time frame in your life before you have commitments, before you have an important career or kids, before you can end up just working until you retire.