Give a normal man a zorb and, if he’s feeling a little on the wild side, he might treat himself to a cheeky roll down a hill.

Give a professional idiot a zorb and he’ll round up Olympic snowboarders Billy Morgan and Jamie Nicholls, get in touch with pro skateboarder Sam Murgatroyd and James Kingston, one of the best parkour athletes in the world, and go more than a little bit nuts.

Pro skater Sam Murgatroyd. Photo: Rowan Biddiscombe./ Screenshot

Billy Morgan and Jamie Nicholls might be in Pyeongchang in South Korea right now getting ready to compete in the biggest competition in global sport, but as far as we’re concerned the Olympics are a walk in the park compared to trying to ride Hemel Hempstead snow centre in a zorb. Of course being good at snowboarding and all, they do surprisingly well.

James Kingston and Sam Murgatroyd prove their credentials as well – though maybe the boldest part of Joe’s plan wasn’t getting the pros involved but taking the zorbs to the busy streets of London.

Check out the video above to catch Joe and the crew on as fierce a zorb-based rampage as you’re likely to ever see.

An Mpora and Factory Media original, filmed and edited by Rowan Biddiscombe.