They’ll be desperate not to let the US away with a clean sweep of the medals at the final, which takes place tomorrow on 21 February at 11:30am local time in South Korea or 2:30am in the UK.

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympic halfpipe at Phoenix Snow Park in South Korea. Photo: Sam Mellish

Team GB had three athletes in action in qualifying – Murray Buchan, Xander Glavatsky-Yeadon and Peter Speight.

The format of the Olympic halfpipe qualification sees each skier do two runs down the slope (with only their best score counting), and the best 12 skiers qualifying for the finals.

Unfortunately none of the British boys were able to qualify for finals this time around.

Murray Buchan was the only Brit to land his first run – and he did so with style. There was a big 900 to start and from there the run included a left five, a double flair, a right 720, a second double flair and more. It scored a 66.

On his second run Murray was the last man down the pipe and just had to up his score a couple of marks to qualify. He landed his run again – and we thought it looked cleaner – but was devastatingly marked down for missed grabs and scored 65.4, missing out on finals by just 2.6 points.

Murray after sticking his first run in men’s halfpipe qualifications.

Xander unfortunately bailed out on both runs, and after also crashing on run one, Pete Speight was able to stick a second run including back to back 720s and back to back 900s which scored 64.60.

There’s been a lot of talk in the run up to the men’s ski halfpipe that Team USA are strong favourites and are in perfect place to do a clean sweep of the medals.

The FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup series has had five stops for halfpipe so far in the 17/18 season and Americans have won four of them – David Wise has taken two of those FIS gold medals and Alex Ferreira has taken one gold and two silvers.