What’s in it for them? Like any property sale, the money. The terms and conditions of the raffle state that “if less than 50,000 tickets are sold, the advertised prize is not available. In this case, the prize winner is given 50 percent of the total amount of tickets sold. For example, if 25,000 tickets were bought for $49.00, the total amount equals $1,225,000.00. In result, the winner receives 50 percent of $1,225,000.00 which equals $612,500.00.”

So basically, if you win the competition but less than 50,000 tickets have been sold, you still get a shitload of money. That’s not the worst outcome ever. And the odds are a lot better than you’d get in the lottery.

But what’s the catch? Could it all just be a scam?

“We know that some people will think that [it’s a scam],” Doug Beitz told the Huffington Post. “If you could talk to our family, friends, staff and regular customers about us, they would tell you of the integrity that we put into everything we do, and this is no different.