Photo: Brass Tacks

Some things are truly universal. Whether you’re the most seasoned adventurer, or the kind of person that only ever travels to the same sun lounger around the same pool in the same hotel in Lanzarote every year, some things unite us all.

A love of pizza, confusion about what those translucent jelly-worm looking things you can see in your eye are, a dislike of Birmingham City Football Club… Each and every one of us are on the same delicious, confused, and angry page.

Another thing that unites humanity is that none of us – not a single one of us – knows why aeroplane windows have that little hole in them. Sitting there like a perspex bellybutton, mocking us.

But wait! Some genius has done what no human before them has ever done. They’ve only gone and found out.

No longer will your global expeditions be tormented by the hole in our knowledge left by a hole in a window. Rejoice humanity. Life is finally complete.