At just over a mile and a half long, it’s a good work-out racing from the north bank to the south, and back. However, set, as it is, in mountainous woodland, it’s arguably more fun to lazily spend a few hours following the shoreline looking for wildlife.

Just north of Patterson Lake is Sun Mountain Stables. From there, Red, and her team of horse experts (using the term “cowgirls” definitely feels wrong) will take you on rides throughout the surrounding countryside. If this sounds a bit too “Daddy, I want a pony” and not “gnarly, dude!” enough for you, wait until your horse gets freaked out by land wasps and tries to throw you to the ground.

I’m yet to forgive that horse.

Photo: Annette Pitts/ Cascade Loop Association

East of the loop, and about 30 miles north of Seattle is Lord Hill regional Park, which is a must see if you want to take to the trails on your mountain bike.

There are both double and singletrack trails, which are all very well maintained throughout the year, and the Temple Pond trail in particular affords a mix of riding through woods, along side the pool, and a climb up to a vantage point where you’ll want to stop for for the panoramic view, not to mention a breather.

It’s not just mountain biking on offer around the loop. In scenery this cinematic, it’d be a crime not to dig the old road bike out and head for the switchbacks, climbs, and flats that this part of the world has to offer. Unless you’re a Strava wizard looking at clocking up some pro-level riding, the Apple Capital Trail is an enjoyable ride.

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It follows the banks of the Columbia River in Wenatchee, and offers 10 miles of smooth asphalt roads that take in everything from river front views and sculpture gardens through incredible bridges and state parks, to surprisingly challenging six per cent inclines and technical hairpin turns.

In truth, the Cascade Loop offers just about every type of adventure and action sport imaginable, and no doubt some you’ve never even considered doing. Climbing, fishing, trail running, snowmobiling, hell, even helicopter rides. Whatever your passion, and whatever your level, you’ll find it on the Cascade Loop.