Home is where the heart is. Something like that anyway. Read it on a decorative cushion once. Made an impact. Really made an impact. Seen it written on a fridge magnet as well. Very profound.

That intro leads us neatly/clumsily on to a discussion of the new film from Patagonia – ‘Close To Home’. The film consists of Nicholas Wolken and Forrest Shearer staying in a family friend’s alpine hut, and experiencing a time when people needed less because “in snowboarding, less is more.”

The film is a love-letter to the simple joy of putting turns in just outside your front door (bit of a kicker for those of us who live in Lewisham, but yeah… OK… point made). Its first showing will be at the launch of Patagonia’s Worn Wear Snow Tour, kicking off 24th January at their store in Innsbruck. Check out the complete list of tour dates on the Patagonia website.

Photo: Carlos Blanchard