12) Ideally, don’t get robbed

In Rome, at the Trevi fountain to be exact, we were unfortunate, and stupid enough, to get our GoPro stolen and a couple of SD cards with all of our photos from the trip, minus a few already immortalised online. This one should go without saying, but always be extra careful when you’re on your bike in busy tourist-filled areas.

13) Sort your route to the airport out with bike boxes in advance

Yellow headlight and road in the dark while heavy raining.

They say a lesson learned at 3am in the pouring rain of Rome is a lesson learned for life. It certainly will be for us.

We thought we had sorted our plus-size taxi to arrive at our hotel at 3am, but it turns out the hotel concierge decided not to book it, so there we were needing to get to the airport with two giant bike boxes in torrential rain, struggling to explain to a taxi over the phone just how big these boxes were.

Eventually we managed to hail down a mini van and make it in time, but it was not the kind of experience we’d like to repeat. The moral of the story? Be better at booking stuff than we were. It’s probably not hard.

14) Enjoy yourself

There’s no missing the world when you’re out there on your bike, so we can guarantee you won’t have a hard time breathing it all in and making memories.

Some of the time we would be cycling through Italian vineyards in the silence of the morning mist, others on the highways watching mountains go by with music blaring in our earphones. There’s endless charm and meditative qualities to be found out on the open road, so get out there and experience it for yourself. No matter what happens, we can almost guarantee you won’t regret it.