Darron said he was planning the bike’s first foraging expedition with his partner and two year old daughter, Florence, down in Dorset, hitting up spots where he knew of some abundant wild crops. I caught up with him a couple of days after the trip…

“We headed down an old disused railway track not too far from home where you can often find elderflowers and watercress at this time of year. Flo loved going in the front basket of the bike, she wanted me to ride really fast.”

They were in luck. A stream near the track was heaving with watercress so they dragged some out and rinsed it off, with the intention of making watercress soup.

A bit further along the track they came across some elder trees, full with flowers. They cut off the flower clusters leaving a couple of centimetres of stem. “I’ll make elderflower cordial,” Darron told me. “I mix the elderflowers with sugar, citric acid, lemons and let it soak for a bit and then strain it off and put it in the fridge. I usually drink it with sparkling water, it’s lovely.”

Why is it better to go foraging by bike? I ask him. “It’s quicker and it’s more efficient,” he says. “We don’t always have a lot of time. It makes life easier with kids. And you can load stuff up without always having to carry carrier bags.”