Action camera giants GoPro have just unveiled their latest products; The GoPro Hero5 Black, The GoPro Hero5 Session, and most excitingly the GoPro Karma drone. It’s the latest release by the company, following the unveiling of the Session in July 2015, and the Hero5 Black in 2014. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the gear – here’s our first look review.

As you probably already know, existing GoPro’s are pretty much indestructible in the case, and can shoot cinema quality footage, so what can be done to make these tiny cameras even better? Let’s have a look at what’s new.

GoPro Hero5 Black – £350

The new top-of-the-range action camera – already been dubbed “the best GoPro yet” – features a two-inch touch display with what are promised to be simplified controls (although, let’s be honest, they were never too complicated in the first place).

The super hi-res 4k, 30frames per second (fps) option remains, but now you can operate the action cam using just your voice. Presumably, this will stop people from having to faff at the top of the ski lift trying to turn their GoPro on when mounted on their head (what we like to call the Radical Unicorn). The voice command recognises seven different languages, even coping remarkably well with a Birmingham accent.

The new GPro Hero5 Black – the best GoPro on the market

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The Hero5 Black will also work with the new GoPro Cloud which has also been added to the growing arsenal. When you charge your HERO5 Black, it will automatically download your footage to the cloud wirelessly, meaning you never lose that shot of your buddy zeeching the rail in the park.

Of course, the Hero5 also packs in all of those features you’d expect from such a high-end action cam, including being waterproof up to ten metres  – this time without the housing which cinreaded the quality of the audio it can produce, stereo audio recording with advanced wind cancelling, pro-level image stabilisation, GPS, RAW and WDR (a bit like HRD, but designed to be used on the move) photograph options and more.