Screenshot: YouTube (via Vox).

Look at a map of the world. Now look at yourself in the mirror. Back at the map, then back at the mirror. Pinch your skin, gently slap your cheek; make sure that you’re confident in your own existence and that this isn’t all an illusion, and then look back at that map of the world.

NEWSFLASH. Everything is a lie, and everything you thought you knew about the world is wrong. Maps are lying to you, bro. They’re lying to you, me, your mum, your dad, your grandad, your grandma; they’re lying to literally everyone you know and love. Seriously, fuck maps.

Like all internet-based rages, our current map-inspired anger started with a video. At first, we were like: “Ah, this looks like a pretty interesting vid. Let’s watch it.” And then, within a minute of watching said vid, we were like: “Woah. Hold up. What’s all this about then?” And then we were like: “No. This can’t be right surely? Surely not?!” Confusion eventually gave way to anger, and that’s how we ended up in this sorry mess. Searching frantically and furiously for solutions, with none forthcoming.