6) Mount Emin

Height: 4,798m
Location: Congo / Uganda

Mount Emin is made of up two peaks of a similar height, a north and a south peaks, with a large glacier sandwiched in between the two peaks. The south peak, named Umberto is the largest of the two and was first ascended again by Prince Luigi Amedeo and two companions in 1906, which was impressive given the fairly technical nature of climbing involved to ascend the southern ridge up to Umberto.

7) Mount Gessi

Height: 4,715m
Location: Congo / Uganda

The twin peaks of Mount Gessi create another jagged ridgeline that is flanked by large glaciers on its northern side, although these are retreating fast. Prince Luigi Amedeo and his team of explorers observed that the whole of the western side of Mount Gessi had been covered by a glacier during their first ascent of this peak, these glaciers have now shrunk down to a small ice sheet.

8) Mount Luigi Di Savoia

Height: 4,627m
Location: Congo / Uganda

After ascending the six highest mountains in the Ruewnzori Range, with 16 peaks bagged in total during his expedition to the region in 1906 , Prince Luigi Amedeo finally had a peak named after himself after reaching the summit of Mount Luigi Di Savoia on 18th June 1906. Mount Luigi Di Savoia is similar to the other larger peaks in the region in that it is composed of many summits all joined together to create a small massif, with the largest of these peaks being Sella.

9) Mount Meru

Pictured: Mount Meru, ninth highest mountain in Africa

Height: 4,566m
Location: Tanzania

Leaving Uganda and Congo, the ninth highest mountain in Africa falls to Mount Meru in Tanzania. Just lying 70 kilometres west of the highest peak in this list; Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru sits at 4,566 metres. The majority of this mountain was actually lost during a volcanic eruption over 8,000 years ago that blew away much of the eastern side of this volcano. After a few recent eruptions, with the most recent being a minor eruption in 1910, Mount Meru is now considered a dormant volcano.

10) Ras Dejen

Height: 4,533m
Location: Ethiopia

Ras Dejen is the highest mountain in Ethiopia and just makes it into the top 10 highest mountains in Africa, at a height of 4,533 metres. Due to the height of this mountain, it frequently snows on the summit during cold evening temperatures but the vast temperature differences between night and day means that this snow doesn’t last long as soon as the sun rises.

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