4) The Community Aspect Adds a Whole Other Element

One of the best things about Komoot is the community aspect to the app. You can follow fellow cyclists, hikers, mountain bikers or climbers like you would on Instagram or Twitter.

The community aspect is a key part of Komoot’s appeal. Photo: Komoot

Unlike those apps however, you’re not reduced to just enviously flicking through your friend’s photos – Komoot will tell you where they were shot and how to get there. If you’re looking for a bit of adventure inspiration, this is the real deal.

While some apps rank performance and give out prizes for the quickest times, Komoot is more about encouraging friendly co-operation. Of course, you can share details of times, speeds etc. should you wish, but there’s no league table or anything like that.

Instead, Komoot gives out awards to the people who’ve contributed the most to mapping out the local area – experts in each individual sport can earn “Pioneer” status, which indicates that they’re valuable contributors to the community, and particularly worth following.  

5) Millions of people agree Komoot is great – it’s already Europe’s most popular mapping app

When we referred to Komoot as a *“relative newcomer” above, we weren’t telling the the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Komoot is a relative newcomer in the UK market, but the app, whose headquarters are in Berlin, is already massive in Germany. Komoot is in fact the number one outdoor app in its homeland (where the outdoor sector is far bigger than it is in the UK) and is consistently ranked number one overall in the iTunes App Store.

This makes it Europe’s most popular outdoor app – an impressive stat in itself but one which also has practical benefits for Komoot users. With more than 10 million tours already completed using the app, there’s a huge wealth of info on routes and planning already available. Given the impressive range of functions Komoot offers and how easy it is to use, we’d be surprised if a whole lot more didn’t get added soon.

Komoot is already the number one outdoor app in Germany, Europe’s largest outdoor market. Photo: Komoot.