Surf Winner: #JobyPhoto Competition

Photo by Marco Gonçalves

Selected by the editors of Surf Europe because: “We picked Marco Gonçalves’ wicked shot of William Aliotti’s super late drop at macking Supertubos, mainly because it had that delicate yet importance blend of beauty and danger, so much so in fact that it made a tiny bit of pee pee seep out of the panel’s collective kiki.

“By Jupiter that’s a late drop! Also note: rad backlit evening vibes, moody north wind blowing up the face, keeping Willy’s heart in his mouth. Plus, super deep commitment in the positioning… big chunks of swell out the back honking down the coast. All in all, this is the kind of surf shot that maybe you’ll stare at a tiny square rendition of on your phone for at least a few seconds, possibly even double tap with your thumb, before quickly moving on to check out Rita Ora’s lastest, and forgetting all about it.

“Well done Marco! Parabens!”

Bike Winner: #JobyPhoto Competition

Photo by Paul White

Selected by the editors of Dirt Magazine and Ride UK BMX because: “You can’t beat a milky way shot for wow-factor and the pensive silhouette of a rider reminded us of the solitude we’ve all felt on solo rides. A unique shot.”

Skate Winner: #JobyPhoto Competition

Photo by Tim Smith

Selected by the editors of Kingpin and Sidewalk Magazine because: “As we said, it wasn’t easy picking a winner but the combination of lighting, composition, angle and the architecture involved in this Tim Smith photo of George ‘Frank’ Sinclair just made this shot stand out above all the other entries.

“A truly classic-looking skate photo, shot at night at a spot where you’re lucky to get even 5 tries before getting the boot. It delivers the excitement of night-time street skating along with a sense of the impending speed as Frank lands his one-footed ollie into the bank at the side of stairs and fires off at high speed into the night. A perfect combination of everything we love about skate photography. Big up.”