Located somewhere between Iceland, Scotland, and Norway, the Faroe Islands gives off a feeling that it’s a place between definitives; a place that exists more in people’s imagination than it does in real life. For The North Face film ‘The Land of Maybe’, climbers James Pearson, Cedar Wright, and Yuji Hirayama headed to the self-governing archipelago to get a grip on a place that, if we’re all being completely honest with ourselves, many of us know very little about.

The main purpose of their trip was to climb Cape Enniberg; a whopping 754 metre high sea wall sitting at the northernmost point of the Faroe Islands, and one of the highest promontories in the world. However, the trio immediately hit problems when a local Faroese farmer called the police and informed them that he wasn’t down with people climbing on his land.

“Any good adventure has to have a little uncertainty”

After a hastily arranged meeting with the village elders, a meeting in which the climbers made their case for climbing Enniberg, a resolution was reached and the green-light given for James, Cedar, and Yuji to go forth and do their thing.

“At the end of the meeting they were all so happy and psyched that they offered to drive us out in their own boats,” reflects James, in ‘Land of Maybe’.

Disgruntled farmers though would prove to be just one of several challenges facing the team in the Faroe Islands. Not only did it rain for the majority of their Cape Enniberg climb, the trio also found themselves constantly under attack from a puffin colony that used vomit as their weapon of choice.