Illustration: Olivia Jorgensen.

When I first realised I was pregnant, amid the giddy excitement and feelings of ‘Holy Shiiiiiit’, I had some maths to do. It was early November so how pregnant would I be by the time my next snow trip came around and would I still be able to ride? Since learning a decade before I’d snowboarded at least twice a year, usually more. Buzzing as I was about this baby news, the thought of missing a season was strange and disorientating.

As it turned out, I was fine to snowboard that winter. I only rode on quiet days, I took things easy and I even enjoyed a big grin-powder morning at Brevent in Chamonix that I’m sure I’ll remember all my life. My eldest son is seven now and it’s funny to remind him he was there for the freshies that day too.

So far, so very much like my pre-pregnant life, bigger belly aside. I didn’t know then, I couldn’t of course, how having kids would completely change my experience of snowboarding. In good ways, as well as bad.

“Buzzing as I was about this baby news, the thought of missing a season was strange and disorientating”

You don’t hear much about mums who snowboard, it can often feel like we’re an invisible force, perhaps because snowboarding always feels like it’s being sold to a notional teenage boy and said teenage boy is unlikely to want his mum around. Though it’s worth noting dads often get a pass on that.

I decided to talk to some of the raddest mums in women’s snowboarding, a mix of pros, former pros and other behind the scenes luminaries and shred-lovers, to get their thoughts on being mothers and snowboarders.