OutdoorX4 Partners with Industry Leaders for National Parks Clean Up and Protection Effort

January 17, 2019

Our industry revolves around exploring and experiencing the outdoors. The vehicles we choose are just a means to experience it. The United States is home to one of the most varied terrains in the world – from deserts to snow peaked mountains to swamp lands to thick forests. Every corner of the United States features a different biome.

Across the United States, National Parks are set up for camping, exploration and to protect national monuments and historical properties. Since the shutdown, we have read incidents of people damaging property, illegally off-roading, illegally camping, and backed up trash and sewage. We’ve also read inspiring reports of people going beyond by taking trash, restocking toiletries and more.We want to help and encourage others to help.
To encourage others to help, we have teamed up with some of our favorite manufacturers. Below are the companies that are supporting the efforts and the prizes being given away.

  • MAXTRAX – (1) One Set of Traction Devices
  • ARB – (1) CKMA12 Air Compressor
  • American Expedition Vehicles – (1) Pair Of Recovery Gloves & (1) Air Gauge
  • OK4WD Gift Card
  • OutdoorX4 Magazine – (3) 3-Year Subscriptions

How can you win these great products? All you have to do is volunteer and help out. Take a photo of yourself carrying out trash or any way other way you can help. Be sure a monument or park sign is in the photo! Share the post on social media, tag us in it (@ok4wd, @outdoorx4), and let us know what our national parks mean to you. Encourage others to help too.

If it’s a single broken camp chair or several trash bags, no act is too small. Even the smallest acts can be monumental when we all chip in to make a difference.

How and when will the winners be chosen?
We will pick the winners at random when the government shutdown is over and our National Parks return to normal operations.

The National Park Service was created by conservationist and President Theodore Roosevelt. It was through his love, passion, and foresight that some of our most prized natural wonders have been protected for generations. While the shutdown is temporary, let’s do our part to ensure people can not only enjoy our National Parks now, but also in the future.

Illegal Off-Roading & Camping
Lastly, we must stress how important it is you do not illegally off-road or illegally camp. Illegal off-roading not only damages land, sometimes beyond repair, it also puts the hobby millions are passionate about into the spotlight negatively. It’s important to educate others about treading lightly and only off-roading in approved areas.

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