Imagine the scene: You’re 27 years old, traveling the world, and you find yourself in a remote, yet picturesque fishing village in New Zealand. It’s kind of the dream right? You’d be thinking of how to prolong your stay. Remain off the grid, knowing that you have the rest of your life to answer emails, create accounts spread sheets, answer to the boss… All of the bullshit that goes hand-in-hand with everyday life.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it. Not for one Frenchman, who arrived in Punakaiki on the West coast of New Zealand at the tail end of last week. Police say he got annoyed after trying to hitch hike out of the town, which has only 70 full time residents – approximately the same population as a single four bedroom house in East London.

On day four, when the French national was still without a lift, he apparently “Threw an absolute hissy fit”, according to local resident Neil Mount. “He was lying prone on the road screaming that New Zealanders were assholes and he couldn’t wait to get back to Europe. He was a spoilt millennial, and he created a hell of a din. But all that time he was standing in the wrong place to hitchhike – a corner with poor visibility and nowhere for cars to easily pull over.”