He showers from a shower bag, fills up water when he can, usually at campsites, and moves around nearly every day.

It’s not fancy, and far from the Los Angeles life he had before, but the longer you listen to him, the more it sounds like perfection (and hey, Beverly Hills models don’t normally get a mention on Mpora).

Above Phillipe’s bed is a sign reading ‘the best things in life are not things’.

“Don’t be too serious,” he says. “Normal is boring.”

Photo: Phillipe Leblond / Instagram

He’s also just bought a lightweight tent and says he’s only recently back from “the second backpacking trip of my life. I’m addicted!” He’s maybe the perfect man. I mean look at the hair. THE HAI- Sorry. We’ve already said that. We know we’ve already said that. The man’s name translate to English as “Phillip the Blonde” though. What a stud.

And Leblond’s advice about getting into the Van Life? Well, there’s plenty of maintenance suggestions in the video, but the most important one comes right at the end: “do it”.

Also probably worth following him on Instagram: www.instagram.com/philippe_leblond