If you’re anything like us, you’ll have only just come out of the pleasure-induced coma caused by ‘Slice ‘n’ Dice: Volume 4′. God that was good, wasn’t it? Made you feel all giddy, didn’t it? Giddy on the inside. Like that Christmas time you had a remote control car waiting for you under the tree. Yeah that, but with more Japanese pow.

Anyway, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that ‘Slice ‘n’ Dice: Volume 5′ is here and it’s everything you’ve come to love about the series and more. Toby Carvery carving. Big, banging, tune. High on energy. Low on boring. Snow. Skills. Mountains. All o’ that. Whether you buzz off snowboarding or not, there’s something for you here. Guarantee it. Also, check out the way they’ve done the credits. Nice ‘n’ Dice, am-I-right?!

FYI. This one is shot in Hakuba, Japan.

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