“I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane.” Not the words of Abe Lincoln,  nor Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, or F. Scott Fitzgerald. No. These simple words, ordered in such a way that they form literally the greatest sentence ever spoken by anyone anywhere, were in fact uttered out loud by Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the cult 2006 movie Snakes On A Plane.

Now, if you’ve never seen Snakes On A Plane. The plot is fairly simple. Basically, it’s about snakes…on a plane. It’s not a story of will they-won’t they romance, a story of against all the odds redemption, or a story about a boy wizard and his mishaps at magic school. It’s about snakes…on a plane, and Samuel L. Jackson’s bid to resolve said situation. It’s an entertaining fiction, a plot so ludicrous that you just know it would never happen in real life. Or so we thought. Until seeing this video.