“Whether powering his way up a skin track or scrambling up a rocky face, the Holden Hybrid Zip hoody is one of Fredi’s go-to garments”

A case in point is the Holden Hybrid Zip hoody, part of the brand’s range of ‘Down Sportswear’. This isn’t your classic cotton hoody – far from it, in fact. The Hybrid Zip features warm down insulation over the torso where it’s needed most, with light and stretchy Polartec material used for the sleeves. Whether powering his way up a skin track or scrambling up a rocky face, it’s one of Fredi’s go-to garments.

“I need gear that I can use in every season. I use the Hybrid Zip as a layering piece in colder temperatures, and an outer piece when it’s warmer but I still need some down insulation” he explains. “My favourite thing about this piece is the way it looks – super sharp and on point – and I also like how the down fill only covers the body.”

Such input from riders like Fredi is key to Holden’s R&D process. He’s the linchpin of the brand’s team of ambassadors (known as ‘Explorers’) that test new ideas in exactly the kind of conditions that would betray any weakness in design. “We have great respect for [Fredi’s] mountaineering knowledge, style and skills,” says Scott. “There is an easy and very natural relationship where we share common values and passion for all the things we do in life.”

You can bet the farm that he’ll have weighed in on Holden’s upcoming WholeGarment Knitwear collection, set to drop in late 2019. Made from a mixture of Merino wool and recycled plastic bottles, this Japanese-made material is perfect for efficient layering, and is also seamless for extra comfort. The WholeGarment range will start small, but has the potential to be a game-changer.

“If you climb high enough, you will always find snow”

Whatever happens down the line, you can be sure it’ll feature the tried-and-tested Holden formula: high performance, considered construction, and great-looking design. Indeed, while Fredi uses the gear for mountaineering as well as snowboarding and splitboarding, it’s usefulness doesn’t stop there.

“I like to look good when I’m in the city or on the train, or when I have a DJ gig. Holden is ideal for that – I never feel like I look like a snowboard bum in the city.”

We’ve come a long way from Grandma Marie’s skirts, in other words.