Pictured: White Desert Hotel (Antarctica).

Despite what Lenny Henry would have you believe, there are other places to spend the night than a Premier Inn. And we don’t mean this as a slight on Premier Inn Hotels, or Lenny Henry for that matter, it’s just that sometimes we like to stay in places that aren’t officially endorsed by Lenny Henry. We like real adventure, we like wild camping in the South Downs, we like luxury hotels in the middle of Antarctica. Hang on. What was that last one again?

The White Desert Antarctica Hotel is, it’s fair to say, a hotel like no other. It’s considerably more epic than your average Premier Inn, that’s for sure. Oh, give it a rest Lenny. We get it. You like Premier Inn. Offering its guests the only luxury sleeping experience on the world’s southernmost continent, the White Desert is best described as a collection of swanky accommodation pods. While the outside of the hotel is freezing and windswept, as you’d expect for a hotel situated in Antarctica, the inside of it is worthy of VIPs. Thinking of spending some time here? An 11-night stay costs €64,000 per person.