You know what it’s like. Facebook friends posting boring videos of themselves, and their mates, absolutely off-their-tits at the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party or slowly descending a nursery slope in Courchevel. Footage of other people having a good time abroad is, by and large, a pretty boring sub-genre of the internet.

This one, however, is different (in a nice way). Filmed over 6 months, aross 8 countries with 27 vehicles, this dude took his globe-trotting highlights and turned it into a retro video game. Points are collected along the way as he completes a variety of challenges.

200 points for a successful ‘COW DODGE’, 500 points for an ‘EXOTIC FISH’, and the unlocking of a London-based bonus level are just some of the great little moments on offer. If you once owned a SEGA Mega Drive, or have ever whiled away an afternoon down the local arcade, then these 3 minutes are well worth your time.

Game. Over. Would you like to play, again?

YouTube/Follow Me East.

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