The epic Texas Water Slide

Texas, USA isn’t just all college football, pick-up trucks, and questionable child beauty pageants. Oh no. They also have water parks.

And BSR Water Park, nestled in the bosom between Austin and Dallas, has just built this incredible new slide, based on a ski jump.

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The designers took a step away from the trend of making water slides incredibly steep and high, and instead concentrated on whacking a whippy kicker at the end to throw the painfully beautiful patrons up in the air before they plunge into the pool below.

Handily, they’ve also included a bit of space either side of the kickers, just enough for a BMX to get flung into the air, all in the name of good clean fun.

The Royal Flush slide at the park undoubtedly looks like a lot of fun, but at this time, it’s unclear whether it’s only open to tattooed meat-heads who are probably called Chip, and bikini clad young women carrying pigs, or whether they only feature in this promo video as a cynical attempt to grab the attention of the internet.

Photo: YouTube
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