Here at Mpora, we see a lot off fairly horrific injuries ever single day. To be honest, after a while, we kind of became a little hardened to them. Not that we deal with injuries well ourselves. Shit no, we cry like babies.

But seeing them on screen? It takes something pretty horrible to spark our interest. So, when across the office we hear a shocked gasp and followed by a sickening moan from one of the team, we know we’re in business.

Former Aussie pro rugby player Ben Ross took on fellow ex pro Wendell Sailor in an arm wrestling contest. Australia, eh?

Anyway, just as the two guys took the strain and began the test of strength, Ross’ arm suddenly goes limp, and it’s clear something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Ross should be no stranger to pain, having actually broke his neck during a game once. However, he described this break, televised live down under on the popular NRL Footy Show as probably the most painful injury he’s ever had.

He was immediately rushing to a nearby hospital, and X-rays later showed that the former Rugby star has broken his humorous, and possibly tore his bicep.

Ross later told local press “”When I looked at Wendell’s face, I knew something was wrong. His face, if it was possible, turned white.”

Again, Australians, eh?

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