Lead photograph by Sam Mellish

The 2018 Winter Olympics have officially begun with the lighting of the Olympic flame at the end of a weird and wonderful opening ceremony in Pyeongchang.

Well, actually they began a couple of days ago – with a few qualification events taking place on 7 and 8 February 2018 – but apparently we’re not counting those this year.


The opening ceremony was – as opening ceremonies tend to be – deeply bizarre. The narrative followed four small children learning the history of South Korea and Pyeongchang through video, dance, giant paper mache animals and a bunch of strange occurrences, before the teams and athletes then eventually came out and got on with the flag waving.


After that, naturally, it got back to the story of the children, who had now grown up and become surgeons and K-pop stars among other things, there were people dressed as sunflowers and lots of glowing stuff, and then there was a fairly predictable chat from an old guy in a coat before the flame was finally lit.

So what’d you miss? We watched the Olympic opening ceremony, screenshotted and made bad jokes about it so you didn’t have to. Here’s the run down (and follow us on Twitter for more of this is in the Games!)…