Are you looking for cheap flights to New York? Norwegian Air may be able to help – Photo: Florian Giorgio

New York, New York. So good they named it twice. Well, they named it once, but then repeated it. The allure of the Big Apple entices many people across the pond, whether you’re up for exploring the urban jungle, intending to people watch in Manhattan, or getting lost in the majesty of New York State – the green side of the big apple, there’s something for everybody in New York.

In fact, New York is the top destination for British travellers going abroad. However, the price of going there can put people off a little. But maybe it doesn’t have to.

You Can Go Snowboarding in New York?

Now you can fly to New York for just £69 per person. Given it costs a king’s ransom to get a train the 163 miles from Manchester to London, getting change out of £70 for flights to New York is pretty tasty.

Norwegian Air are offering the incredible deal, but if you want these cheap flights to new York, then you’d better be quick! The low cost airline are opening two new routes, from Edinburgh and Belfast all the way to New York and are putting on this very special offer to celebrate.

“Come on, Mpora” we hear you cry. “What’s the catch?”. There are a couple of hoops to jump through, but this, dear friends, is a stone cold bargain, so get your best hoop-jumping trousers on.

Low cost airline Norwegian Air are offing flights to New York for just £69

First of all, you need to have booked and paid for your tickets by 11pm tonight (Friday 24th February). You also have to fly between the dates of July 2017 and February 2018. And for £69, all you’ll get is a seat on the flight. Norwegian’s CEO has been quick to add that, additional charges for extras such as meals and luggage could bump the price to nearer £350 per ticket.