Be honest. When was the last time you watched the fourth film of a movie franchise and thought “Yeah, you know what, this one is the best of the lot”? I’ll tell you when: never. It has literally never happened. Fourth films are, by and large, a steaming bag of horse shit; cash-ins on a winning formula, a victory for the fat cats over any lingering sense of artistic credibility. They’re awful. Just awful.

Then we sat back and watched ‘Slice ‘n’ Dice: Volume 4′ and, well, we saw things in a whole new light. The fourth instalment of this snowboarder’s wet dream video series takes the action to Niseko, Japan, for some sweet, sweet, sweet night-time carving combos backed up by a banging tune (‘Road’ by LIP).

It’s great. Really, bloody, great.

Featuring Dave Crozier of Real Snowboarding and Lewis Sonvico of SuperRad, filmed by Sam McMahon and Ed Blomfield, and supported by Nidecker Snowboards, you need to get this in your eyeballs.

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