The main cost of a trip is the fuel.

A great tip is to always be open to staying and travelling with other people and sharing fuel costs. The couple also often stay in one place for a few days and travel slowly.


Buying a van might seem like a big investment at the beginning of the trip, but owning your own moving home means that you have no accommodation expense whatsoever.

Of course, when its warm enough and you can, always chose to sleep on beaches, cliffs and mountains.


Learn to adapt with your changing surroundings and eat the cheapest food of the season and your current country.

Always cook and save food, there is no space for restaurants in the life of a frugal traveler.


Impressively, the couple carry out all their own vehicle maintenance and this is obviously the cheapest way to go. Try and make sure you have one person who has knowledge in your gang.


“We have our own electric shower and 150l water tank on the roof so we don’t pay for showers” say Charlie and Alex.

If you’re not able to do the same, then paying a couple of pounds for a swimming pool shower is one option. Other than that, lakes and rivers are always a viable fallback….


Karol and Alex can use sponsors because they have a following online that advertisers can tap into. Getting your own followers isn’t impossible, if you think that you’d like to travel with help of sponsors also.

Make sure your online presence has a definite tone and make all your imagery recognisable. Good luck!