If you’re anything like us, you’ll spend a fair amount of your work day daydreaming about exploring the world and having adventures.

From wandering through New York, to hiking in Iceland and making your way across Asia, there’s so much world out there and it seems pretty unfair that it costs so much money to see it. Devoting a whole year of your life to exploring the planet is not only a luxury, it’s also damn expensive and not many of us ever get the chance to do it.

This is why this offer from married couple Kenzie and Derek is so exciting. The pair not only want to pay to take you around the planet for 12 months, they’re also going to pay you a wage  £985 and £1,230 per month for being there.

Setting off from New York City later this year, they’re planning to fly over to Scandinavia, then across Europe’s greatest cities and back to American for Christmas. Then they’re off to Hawaii, New Zealand, Asia in the new year.

There’s just one catch…